The miracle is this: The more we share, the more we have.
— Leonard Nimoy

Why Origo Brands?

People around the world struggle with food–sometimes eating too much, sometimes not enough, and often times low quality food. We are creating a new way to support our friends in countries around the world with healthier, more authentic and more sustainable foods from the origin.

  • Healthy - We constantly strive to develop products that support healthier living for our customers. Whether organic, natural, superfoods, simple ingredients, or other key healthier living attributes, our goal is to introduce food that enriches health and well-being.

  • Authentic - This isn’t about slapping a label on a package. This is about a serious development process, working with the origin, the culture and history of a product and a place. Digging deep into the origin.

  • Sustainable - As important as healthy and authentic products, we also work towards supporting sustainable practices, including human and environmental initiatives around all that we do.




Innovation & Origin

We've found that consumers around the globe are looking for products that enhance their daily lives

They seek innovative products that provide a healthy benefit, or solve an unmet need

They also want authenticity – brands that have history and tradition attached to them – that provide the taste of another culture