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Blue Dot Rising is Origo Brands’ universal values program for our products, our company, and the companies we work with. It is a detailed system with measuring tools for the key universal values we believe in that we share and communicate with our friends. Blue Dot Rising also tracks all of Origo Brands' partnerships for sustainability and social equity.


Blue Dot Rising is an expression of our commitment and goal to support our earth and the inhabitants of this Blue Dot.

At Blue Dot Rising, we aim to pair each of our Origo Brands products with a non-profit organization. Origo Brands strives to partner with organizations that are honest, audited, and in need. That's why we only work with GreatNonProfits and Charity Navigator rated organizations. These non-profits have been determined to have superior financial efficiency and capacity, and are transparent about what they do and where their funds go.


Blue Dot Rising also makes a point of working with smaller organizations who need the support more. This allows us to work in a way that ensures greater impact in smaller communities and build strong relationships with our partners.


To Blue Dot Rising, the most important thing is to support the people and the environment that allow us to have such amazing products!

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